Singapore is known for having strict regulations and laws, let’s take a look at a few of them together.


The law of chewing gum

Singapore’s chewing gum ban has taken a strong stance since it banned chewing gum in 1992, after politicians noticed that chewing gum made the public uncomfortable, preventing some people from working properly by sticking it on door sensors on Mass Rapid Transit trains. However, since 2004, people in Singapore have been able to purchase chewing gum from dentists or pharmacists for medical reasons, such as using nicotine gum to quit smoking. Under Singapore’s gum law, if you are caught selling or importing gum, you could face a hefty fine and even jail time.

Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes were less harmful than regular cigarettes, despite some reports, Singapore Health Sciences Authority, non-smokers electronic cigarette use to be addicted to tobacco that may be a passage for its stance on the arguing continued. The use of electronic cigarettes has been banned since 2018, even in private homes, with significant fines for anyone caught importing or distributing them.

Gathering in groups of more than three people

In Singapore, it is illegal for groups of more than three people to gather after 22 hours in a public area. It may seem strange, but the government believes that the prevention of illegal meetings will help maintain peace and stability in the country. Therefore, if you are out with a group of friends, be sure to be at home by 10 pm.

buying alcohol after 22.30

as of 2015, Singapore has banned the sale and consumption of alcohol in public places from 22.30am to 7am. event organizers can apply for a special license to allow drinking after this time, and places such as restaurants can serve alcohol according to their license. The illegal sale of alcohol can be punished with a fine of up to Singapore$10,000 (£5,362) or higher in certain Liquor Control Zones. The Singapore ban came into force after a riot broke out due to discomfort caused by excessive alcohol consumption on Race Course Road.

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