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attorney :






SUBJECT : It is Our Petition that Contains Our Statements on the Merits.




1-) At the recent session of your court, our statements on the merits that we submitted within the period given to us are as follows.


2-) Yet ….. as we have made clear in our criminal complaint petition, our client, who is aged, was subjected to sexual harassment by the defendant. The case is more serious because the defendant is the brother of a close friend of our client and also has neighbors. Since our client was at an age that could be considered a child yet, and while he had the closeness and trust of a brother to the defendant, he agreed to the idea of riding his bike and walking around together and approached it with a childish enthusiasm.


3-) The defendant’s defense has taken the path of denying the crime of sexual harassment experienced in his petition dated ///. However, our client, who is a child of that age, cannot have a situation such as creating or making this situation up in his own head. When he returned home in shock and fear of the incident, the incident occurred when his mother went to him doubting his actions and tried to take words from his mouth, so to speak.


4-) Due to the age and position of our client and his age, he is unable to handle this situation, and as a result of this incident, his psychology has also deteriorated considerably, and he has become hesitant to go out on the street alone on his own. Even when he goes to school, he wants one of the elders of the family to go with him. This situation will be revealed more clearly with the report of the forensic medicine institution that will be taken.


5-) As a result of this incident, the defendant continued to act as if nothing had happened and went in and out of the client’s house under the pretext of something and based on their neighborliness, and our client was unable to leave his room, experiencing fear every time he saw him. The defendant made a defense in his defense about the defense of the merits in the form of “our client does not have any november”. However, it is not possible to commit the sexual harassment crime committed against the will and november of the accused.


CONCLUSION AND REQUEST: For the reasons we have tried to explain above, since the material and moral elements of the crime are formed, we supply and request by proxy that the defendant be decided to be punished for the crime committed on him. …/…/…


Attorney of the Plaintiff

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