Our Turkish Criminal Code has regulated the endangerment of traffic safety as two separate articles, the spiritual element of the first of which is caste, while the spiritual element of the second is taksir. In this article, TCK we will consider the crime of intentionally endangering traffic safety, which was organized in 179.

Motor vehicles have become an indispensable element of our everyday life. So much so that it has ceased to be a luxury consumption and has become an element of need. We use motor vehicles in many areas such as private use, school love, transportation. Related article land, air, sea and rail, including a general arrangement, if it brought our aim in this article is actually the most common in everyday life, the use of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is to inform encountered as a result of forensic procedures.

Often the use of an alcoholic as a result of vehicle traffic, resulting in traffic control made by the team in this case, the value of your vehicle as a result of traffic measurements made by the officers specified in the license by use of PROMIL boundaries that are determined by the law occur on the first, or will connect to your vehicle with a driver’s license will need to call someone to deliver the vehicle. After that, an administrative traffic fine will be imposed on you for driving under the influence of alcohol, and your driver’s license will be temporarily confiscated for the first time. Transactions up to this part are 0.50 promil for private cars, but it is lower for commercial or passenger transport licensed vehicles.

If the Promil value is 1.00 or higher, TCK m is about investigation will be opened in accordance with 179/3 as a result of the investigation, the possibility of a criminal case will be raised. TCK. m.179

“(1) land, sea, air or rail transport that was put there by changing all the signs to ensure the flow of safe, making it unavailable by removing of where they are placed, by giving the wrong signals, migration, arrival, departure or landing putting something on the road or technical interfering with the operating system, others, life, health or property from one year to six years in terms of who cause danger to the person sentenced to imprisonment.

(2) A person who transports and handles land, sea, air or rail vehicles in a way that may be dangerous to the life, health or property of persons shall be punished with a prison sentence of three months to two years.

(3) A person who drives a vehicle despite the fact that he is unable to safely transport and manage the vehicle due to the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances or for some other reason is punished in accordance with the provision of the above paragraph.”

By regulating its provision, it established the punishment and elements of this crime. The court in charge of this crime is the criminal courts of first instance.

When faced with such a situation, if you do not trust the measuring devices, you should remember that you have the right to go to the hospital and have a blood test.

It will be in your favor to fully protect your rights, both to recover administrative fines and driver’s licenses, and to use the legal assistance of a Lawyer in judicial investigations and prosecutions.

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