Compensation Petition Due to Protection of Name





Subject: it consists of our claim for compensation in relation to the protection of the name.


1-My client is a very well known and loved, dignified and calm person around him. He is a tradesman. He’s someone who doesn’t care much about his environment and doesn’t hurt anyone.

2-our client’s neighbor, who is annoyed that he is so indifferent, gave his dog his name to attract his attention, to annoy him, and this name is written on his collar.

3-the defendant, who constantly calls his dog by my client’s name while walking his dog in the neighborhood and does this, especially during crowded hours and among other neighbors, almost shows that he did this on decency and intends to humiliate my client.

4-my client is deeply humiliated, uneasy and hurt by the situation.

5-for these reasons, we respectfully supply and demand that the defendant cease this behavior that he did against my client and hurt my client, and that the defendant be sentenced to pay compensation in TL with legal interest that will be processed from the date of the case for this dishonorable behavior that the defendant did against my client.

Legal reasons: Civil Code, Code of Obligations and related legislation

Evidence: witnesses, Population Registration and all kinds of evidence

PROMPT RESULT: the reasons we described above for the actual final provision that hurt my client, the defendant in this case my client degrading treatment process due to legal interest from the date of … TL non-pecuniary damages provision and to pay for litigation costs and attorneys ‘ fees), we will decided to the opposite side of yukletilm regards to supply and demand. ../../…

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