Legal Regulation:
234 of Law No. 5271. the rights of the victim and the complainant in the article
it is arranged. Accordingly; if the victim and the complainant do not have a deputy, the bar association will issue him a
he has the right to request the appointment of a lawyer. The victim is under the age of eighteen,
he will be deaf or dumb or unable to express his meram, and he will have a deputy
if it is not found, a deputy will be appointed without a prompt request (234/2.paragraph).
The regulation in the bill was as follows:
“The rights of the victim of the crime and the complainant:
Article 246: The rights of the victim of the crime and the complainant are as follows:
1. During the investigation phase;
a. Don’t ask for a meeting of lunatics,
b. A document from the public prosecutor, provided that it does not violate the confidentiality and security of the investigation
requesting an example,
c. 153. to examine the investigation documents and the confiscated and detained items with his lawyer, provided that they comply with the article,
d. According to the decision of the public prosecutor that there is no place for prosecution, the procedure written in the law
accordingly, exercise the right of appeal.
2. At the stage of prosecution;
a. Being informed of the hearing,
b. Joining the public cause,
c. Requesting personal rights in a public case in which he participates, provided that the subject matter and nature of the case are favorable,
d. Requesting samples from minutes and documents,
e. Requesting an invitation from witnesses,
f. If he doesn’t have a lawyer, he’s 251. requesting the appointment of a lawyer by the bar association as a participant in accordance with the article,
g. Do not resort to legal remedies against decisions concluding the case, provided that you have participated in the case.
These rights are explained and explained to the victims of the crime and the complainant, and this is recorded in the minutes.

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