Appointment and duties of the workplace trade union representative

Article 27 – (1) the authority to make the final union of the collective bargaining agreement; the number of workers in the workplace one to fifty, fifty-one, face-to-between between two hundred and five hundred, as many as three, four thousand five hundred and two thousand one between between as many as a thousand with up to six, more than two thousand working up to eight workplace union representatives in the workplace is among the members of assigning their identities will notify the employer within fifteen days. One of them can be appointed as the chief representative. The representatives’ duties continue for the duration of the union’s authority.

(2) If there is a provision in the trade union charter on the election of a trade union representative for the workplace, the elected member is appointed as a representative.

(3) Workplace union representatives and chief representative; to be limited to the workplace listen to the wishes of the workers and resolve their complaints with the record, and cooperation between employers and workers, labour peace and harmony, to protect the rights and interests of workers and labour laws and collective labour to assist in the implementation of the working conditions stipulated in the contract is responsible for.

(4) Workplace union representatives perform their duties provided that they do not disrupt their work at the workplace and do not violate labor discipline. At workplaces, union representatives are provided with amenities that will allow them to quickly and effectively perform their duties

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