Application For Material Compensation To The Insurance Company


Attorney: Attorney …

Subject: it consists of our claim for material and moral compensation for damage caused by a traffic accident that occurred on x.

Dear Interlocutor ;

The insured x (the counterparty causing the damage) is registered with your company with the X Policy, X Agent number x with the end date of the highway motor vehicles compulsory financial liability insurance policy.

( … ) a vehicle with a license plate ( … ) registered in the name of the x (TC ID No:) dispatch and administration on the date (…) crashed into a motorcycle under the direction of a client (…) with a license plate ( … ) at the address ( … ) and caused a traffic accident with injuries. As a result of the accident, his right arm was amputated from the elbow and had to be amputated.

The driver ( … ) is 100% defective in the occurrence of the accident in question. It caused the incident to occur (…) (errors and omissions in the incident will be sorted). The client found himself in the accident while he was cruising in his lane in accordance with the rules. T. is also related accidentC. (…) The prosecutor’s office of the attorney general’s office ( … ) is also being processed with the file number of the investigation.

The client was seriously and seriously injured as a result of the accident. As a result of the treatment and examinations conducted at the research and practice Hospital, the client’s (…) right arm was amputated from the elbow.

The client continues to live with the negative effects of the accident. In addition, cuts and fractures occurred on the client’s body, resulting in permanent scars on his body caused by cuts. He does not want to go out in public because of the sadness of losing his arm and the fact that he can no longer walk without support. In addition, he can no longer continue his education and business life in the future. The insured/insured persons who caused these suffering must compensate the client for moral damages.

In order to reserve our right to claim and sue for the reasons explained above, we demand that financial compensation (inability to work, medical costs, loss of earnings, disability status) and moral compensation due to negative psychological and environmental factors caused by the accident be calculated and reported to us and that the money be deposited in the account provided below. (In terms of determining the amount of material compensation, we request that you contact us at the address ( … ).) Otherwise, legal remedies will be applied for the client’s non-compensatory damages, in which case all trial costs and attorney fees will also be required to be estimated by you.

(Bank Information)

– Accident Detection Report
– Hospital delegation report indicating disability status,
– First inspection report,
– Hospital report on the operation and treatment process and discharge.

The Attorney of Noticer

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