3. Criminal Depatment

Base Number: 2016/15735

Decision Number: 2017/8207

“text of jurisprudence”

Court :Criminal Court of First Instance
Verdict: acquittal

The verdict given by the Local Court is appealed and the documents are read;
As necessary, discussed and considered:
At the time of the incident, the defendant was under the command of the district gendarmerie J.Er he served as an expert in the command of the district gendarmerie.J.II.Kad.Sergeant. Cook event in the history of the district gendarmerie command of the witness responsible for the mess …’s prepared dinner while the officer on duty on the day of the incident the victim …’s the purpose of giving food in a bowl with yoghurt filling and put it on the table while his back is turned by the defendant …’s used in Windows, its brand-name drugs taken while mixing bowl Cook …’s thinking but noticed that windows, threw salt in a bowl and drained the yoghurt pot and the defendant could use something other than a dinner plate a plate of policemen no table d’hote, according to the report dated 28/06/2013, which came in the examination conducted by Izmir Forensic Medical Institution on the blood samples of the patient 57.0 ng /ml … , the food that is available only to the defendant into the bowl Guard Petty Officer to take his own medicine from the action-the only event of the night 03:00-06:00 hours during their shift on duty NCO Cook performed and witnessed with the aim to put you to sleep …’s to in this situation if he considers that to be drained cup yoghurt pot without making noise, although it is hard to have committed the crime of intentional injury, jumped evidence are deducted in the case of error instead of the conviction, and inappropriate reasons in writing for his acquittal decision,
Because the appeals of the public prosecutor in that place were seen in place in this respect, the provision was therefore 33 of law 6723. article 321 of Cmuk(Code of First Instance) No. 1412, which is in force with Article 8/1 of Law No. 5320, amended by Article. according to the article, it was unanimously decided on 07/06/2017.

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